Sidebin system for RCBS Rockchucker RC 1,2,3, Supreme IV, Turret, Pro Chucker 5,7 RS5 and PRO2000


Extra storage right next to the press is always a welcome addition and really helps with organization, comfort and economy of motion.

The sidebin system is designed for versatility and can be installed directly to your bench-top or installed on any InLine Fabrication Ultramount press riser. (Full height, JR or Micro.) This version fits:

RCBS Rockchucker supreme IV

RCBS Rockchucker 1,2,3

RCBS Turret (Note: Not compatible if you prime on your press.) 

RCBS Pro Chucker 5,7

RCBS Pro 2000.


The base plate also includes die storage for (3) 7\8ths dies. (Only useable if your press is mounted on an Ultramount to provide the clearance underneath.)

This system works perfectly with our Quick change system. (Here)

Also available for the Redding T-7 turret. (Here)


Also available

If your Rockchucker is using the Lock n load quick change bushings, you can get a base plate that will store 3 dies already installed in bushings. Select from the drop down list above.


Price includes priority USPS shipping. (1 to 3 day service)

Shown with optional InLine Fab bin barriers (Not included.) They are available (Here)




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