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We pride ourselves in providing precision, high quality, performance equipment to the reloading community. All of our products are excellent quality, made here in the USA with precise attention to detail and performance. Reloading shouldn't be a dreaded, uncomfortable task…..Reloading should be enjoyable!

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Let us assist you in enjoying longer, more comfortable and productive reloading sessions!

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The backstory    

    Back in the day, my wife Jennifer and I worked full time for a high end RV manufacturer here in Oregon, In 2007-2008 the stock market crashed and the high end RV world stopped spinning.  We had just begun to start a family and bought a house, the timing couldn't have been worse.  The coach industry was slow to recover,we both took 2nd and 3rd jobs to make ends meet.  I had been shooting competitively and had taken up the hobby of reloading to make sure I had rounds for the weekends match as the supply of ammo always seems to depend on who controls the White house, National/World issues, etc. 

 I had a small (Closet) area in the house to put my reloading gear so I designed myself some parts for the press & bench to maximize the space and organize things.  Had some buddies with the same space, lighting or organizational problems in their set ups so I made them some parts to get em dialed in and InLine Fabrication was born.       

Fast forward 15 years….. we have created an extensive line up of reloading equipment for all mainstream reloading presses/tools & bench organizational accessories. Every piece since day one has been made with the same quality,value and attention to detail. Our crew is second to none.

Give us a call, an actual experienced human will answer.  No getting stuck in endless corporate phone tree menu’s, just real people building high quality equipment made in the USA and backing it up with excellent customer service.    We are a classic American small business, Jenn and I are often grinding it out long after we should have stopped for the day to make sure we continue to deliver the best reloading equipment and service you guys deserve.  Thank you one and all for your support. 

 Dan, Jenn and the InLine Fab crew


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