Current lead time is give/take 1-2 (Business) days from order date to ship date. (With the exception of our occasional sales, seasonal volume which backs us up a little bit.)


1. All Ultramounts, Roller levers and LED lighting kits always ship FREE.    US orders over $300 always ship Free!  (With the exception of custom made parts and some orders to Hawaii and Alaska )   Note:  The majority of InLine Fabrication gear is thick, heavy gauge steel parts that requires lots of protective packaging to be sure you get pristine parts delivered to your door. The rest of our gear is bulky ( Inline Rails, Bins, etc)   We do our best to keep shipping costs as reasonable as possible and use multiple companies (Fed ex, UPS & USPS ) depending on region, service time and pricing.   Nowadays, it seems like every other week their pricing goes up again.  But we keep swinging and leverage them against each other to drive it down.

Note:  Custom made work/parts do not contribute to the $300 Free shipping benchmark. 


2.  We ship a mix of USPS Priority & Fed Ex for the majority of our orders.   The 32" & 48" Inline Rails usually ship Fed Ex though due to length. (Note: shipping the long rails over seas can be spendy. We can substitute multiple 16" for the same cost of a 32" or 48" if needed to get you set up.)


3.  We ship worldwide on a daily basis.  However:  The website can't properly calculate shipping cost vs USPS Priority International box size, vs the size of the parts, etc.   So to keep shipping costs correct and reasonable, we do it manually.  Please send us an email:  with what parts you would like, either list them, or a screenshot of your cart works great as well. I will send you back a shipping quote and await your approval. Upon your approval, I will send you a Paypal invoice for the gear with the shipping cost included to your email to pay for it.   Fast and easy.  We do not add any extra to shipping cost.  We only charge what we are charged.  Note: Shipments to Canada are able to be made on the website. However, 32" & 48" Inline rails and some bulky order configurations will incur additional shipping cost due to large box sizes and international shipping rates. 



1.  Standard Ultramounts and Quick change.  We include the hardware to attach the press to the mount and to assemble the mount.  We do not include the hardware to attach the mount to the bench because everyone's bench is different and requires different hardware.   To mount the Ultramount to your bench, you will need (4)  pieces of 1/4" diameter hardware of whatever length/style your bench construction requires.

2.  Flush mount Quick change base.  You will need (4) pieces of 1/4" diameter, countersunk, flat head fasteners of length/style your bench construction requires to attach the flush mount base to your benchtop.


Mount height suggestions 

1.  Your target mount height.  What you are after is to be able to sit/stand up straight, get that shellplate up nice and close to your eyes so you can see exactly what is going on.  If your benchtop height is in the 30" to 36" height or so and you have an adjustable height stool or chair (Or stand) most folks seem to prefer the full height 9 3/4" tall mounts.  That mount also is the only one tall enough for most presses to be mounted, then pushed back on the bench and not have the press hanging over the front edge of the bench.   Mounts are not just about elevating the press, they are engineered to spread the pressure load on your bench over a wider footprint to significantly increase stability and minimize movement, flex and vibration.  (You will be surprised at how many little odd press malfunctions cure themselves when your press is mounted solid.)


2. To help pick the correct mount height for you.   Set your press up on 4" worth of books, see how it feels, then repeat with 7 1/2 and 9 3/4", that way you can experience the lift and make an educated, confident purchase. 



Types of Ultramounts. 

We have dedicated ultramounts. (Here) They are available in 4" Micro, 7 1/2" Junior and 9 3/4 tall.  They are designed to have one press mounted on them. 


Then we have quick change style. (Here)   Truly a space saving design, 5 presses, 1 mount!   In the quick change section, you purchase one mount height, either Flush mount, 4" micro, 7 1/2" Junior or 9 3/4" tall that all come equipped with a quick change base plate.    Then, you buy one top plate for each press/tool you want to swap in and out of it. (Here)   So for example, if you want to swap out your Dillon 550, your RCBS Rockchucker and your Redding 2400 case trimmer, you would grab #12, #11 and #65 from that list.   That is it. swap em out in 30 seconds or less with-out tools. 


Converting your dedicated Ultramount to Quickchange is easy.

All you need is: One of these (Here)   and 1 top plate for each item you want to swap in and out of your mount from this listing (Here)  


Q:  Is the quick change system as strong as the dedicated mount?

A: Absolutely.  You give up no rigidity.  Super strong with endless possibilities.


Q: I don't see the quick change top plate I need for my press/vise/trimmer/misc tool.

A: No worries.  I have over 800 templates in my files that are not in the quick change top plate list.  All types of reloading presses and tools from the 1940's on up.  Just email me with your request. If I don't have it, simply download this template (Here) trace your items footprint and bolt hole location and mail it to me.  I will make it for you ($39 ) with about a week and a half turnaround.


Q:  What do I do with the presses/tools that isn't installed in the mount?

A: We have single and double storage docks and HD edge mount docks (Here) 


Attention:  For bench planning purposes, here are downloadable PDF's of the 3 different height mount footprint & layouts.

4" Tall Micro  (Here)

7 1/2" Tall Junior  (Here)

9 3/4" Tall Ultramount  (Here)



Single item returns are gladly accepted and refunded. (Minus our original shipping cost to you ) if the item is received back to us in brand new, unscratched, restockable condition.    Multi item returns will need to be unpacked, unwrapped, inspected, rewrapped and returned to stock, triggering a 10% restocking fee to cover the expense of doing so.  However,  if the item has been used, assembled, scratched, installed or shipped back to us with-out proper packaging or damaged in return shipping, refund will be on a sliding scale relevant to what it takes to repair/restock the item. 

Call to discuss return process/details, then ship to: (This is mail/package receiving address only) (Not a store location)

InLine Fabrication

3003 West 11th Ave # 252

Eugene OR 97402

Email address change. 

 Accounts are email address based.   If you need to change your email, send me a message with your old address and your new one and I will change it for you.