Quick change top plates


These are the top plates required for the InLine Fabrication Quick change top plate system. Select the ones you would like from the drop down menu above.
The quick change top plates are machined for your press/specific item and include the proper hardware for true plug and play simplicity.
If you have limited or multi use bench space like most of us, the quick change system is what you need . Remove 2 thumbnuts and swap presses in 30 seconds. These plates secure into the InLine Fab quick change base plate for quick swapping of your reloading gear. We have plates for all mainstream units, including Hornady, RCBS, Dillon, Redding, Lyman & LEE. We also have plates for vises, trimmers, lubesizers, etc. Have a look at the drop down list to see all the possibilities! 
Demo video at bottom of page.

Don't see the one you want?  No worries! 

If you don't see the top plate you need, please send me a quick email (Dan@inlinefabrication.com) asking about the press/item you have.       At last count, we have  over 900 different templates of vintage presses, vises and  accessory item drawings in our archives and might just already have the specs for your unit.   If we don't have the item drawing you need in our inventory, I will email you a template to fill out or just click: (Here) to download it.  Then trace your items footprint and bolt pattern and mail it to me at the address on the template.  I will make up the custom top plate for you.   99% of the time, custom made quick change top plates are only a whopping $15 more than a stock plate.

Please select the quick change plates you require from the drop down list above.

Required:   Besides one quick change top plate per press/accessory you have, you need one of the receiver bases below to complete the quick change system:

Flush mount base plate (Here)

Ultramount 9 3/4" tall (Here)
Ultramount Junior 7.5" tall (Here)
Micro 4" tall (Here)

Make sure you look at the wall storage docks:  Wall,benchtop, Inline rail mounting docking stations (Double and single)are available to store QC top plates that are not currently locked into the quick change mount.
Single (Here) 
Double (Here)
Edge mount style (Here)
Also we may make lighting system, Case ejector, roller lever for your press to increase comfort, productivity and enjoyment. Make sure to look!  You will thank yourself!   

Note: The wingnuts required to lock in the top plates come with the mounts/Bases themselves, not each individual top plate  ( Because you can only lock in one top plate at a time)  If you want an extra set of wingnuts, they are right (here)






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