Single storage dock for quick change top plates


These wall/bench/Inline rail mount storage docks secure your QC top plates when they are not installed in your quick change base.   Keeps them up out of the way and organized. Includes hardware.  

Also can be attached to our inline rail system and includes hardware (Here)  

Single dock is 4.5" long. 

Note: The single dock is recommended if your press/item mounted on your QC top plate exceeds 8" wide. (I.e, Presses with case ejectors, Sidebin systems, Dillon 550, etc) because you won't be able to dock them side by side on a double storage dock.

(Note: Not recommended for presses outfitted with case/bullet feeders.)  For those, use the edge mount double dock and install it on the edge of you bench or somewhere that the casefeeder can tip back into open airspace so the QC plate can engage the dock with-out the casefeeder bowl hitting the wall first. 





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