LYMAN universal press stand to InLine Fab Quick change conversion base plate (Only used to convert your factory Lyman universal press stand to accept InLine Fab quick change top plates)


Ok, so your wife bought you one for a gift, or maybe you had one too many drinks while surfing the web and accidentally ended up with a Lyman Universal stand instead of the InLine Fab Ultramount....oh the humanity!    No worries!  We forgive you AND got you covered to convert that thing to InLine Fabrication Quick change where we stock 102 different QC top plates for ALL current production presses, trimmers, swagers, prep tools, etc.   We also have over 900 additional templates available in our archives such as vintage presses, vises, grinders, chainsaw sharpeners, drill press, case trimmers and all kinds of garage/shop related tools.   If it can fit on a quick change plate, we have probably done it.   

 The conversion is easy, all you need is this conversion baseplate and whatever top plates you require and your Lyman press stand will now be an InLine Fabrication quick change mount.

Important note: Only used to convert your factory Lyman universal press stand legs (Lyman part #7726750 ) to accept InLine Fab quick change top plates

Swapping out presses/tools takes less than 30 seconds and requires no tools.           


!!Required!! Top plates (Each reloading press or piece of equipment you want to use in the quick change set up, needs its own top plate.) Select the top plates for your particular press(s) (Here)

Also: Wall mount storage plates for when your press is not in the mount. Not required, but nice to have. (Double and single) (Here)


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