7 1/2" tall Junior Quick Change Ultramount


Ultramount JR has the same beefy 3\16" thick steel construction as the standard Ultramount, however the JR is only 7 1/2" tall.  ( Price includes FREE shipping that covers your ENTIRE order! )  

(Note) With Ultramount JR being only 7 1/2" tall, some press linkages will hang below the benchtop to impede opening of cabinet doors or drawers (If you have them) below your bench. If you have any doubt, before placing an order, measure the linkages hanging down below your bench top and subtract 7.5".

If you want to have the press completely on top of the bench and be able to push it back a bit, the standard Ultramount with quick change base will fix you up. (Here)

!!Required!! This base set up is to be used with our quick change top plates. You need one top plate per item you wish to swap in and out. 

Reloading press(s) (Here)

Bench vises, case trimmers, etc from (Here)


Swapping out presses/tools takes less than 30 seconds and requires no tools.


(Kit includes, legs,quick change base plate and hardware.)  (You will need 4pcs of 1/4" diameter hardware of whatever style you need to attach the mount to your bench.  I would include it, but everyone's benches are different and require different hardware.)

Storage plates for when your press is not locked into the mount.  Not required, but nice to have. 

Single dock   (Here) 

Double dock (Here)

Edge mount double dock (Here)


Footprint of the mount is 10 1/2" wide by 9" deep.

Downloadable 7.5" JR mount footprint PDF (Here)


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