Elevating QC workbase


Raise your work to the height you want, when you want, then drop it back down in about 20 seconds.

When used in combination with the InLine Fabrication flush mount QC base, you can enjoy a clear, flat work space when you want it, but in a flash, you can mount one of these elevating QC bases to get your work up to a more comfortable level. 

The possibilities are endless.   Say you want to sit in a comfy chair for trimming brass or checking concentricity using the flush mount QC base, but then you can install the elevating QC base to raise a press so you can stand up to do your brass resizing.   Got one press that fits you perfect with 4" of lift, but another press that sits too low?  No problem, grab a 7.5" base and you are all set.    Super rigid design, heavy duty 3/16 thick steel construction can take anything you can throw at it.

 If you are bending over or crouching over your work, have a hard look at this system and get your comfort and enjoyability back into your reloading sessions.

Swapping out elevated QC bases takes less than 30 seconds and requires no tools.     

Note:   Be sure to select your preferred height ( 4" or 7.5" ) from the drop-down menu above. 

Video tutorial!    Here is a customer made youtube video showing how it works.  


Assembly video

 Swap presses, tools and all kinds of equipment on the same mount in 20 seconds or less with-out needing tools! 



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