Sidebin system for RCBS Rockchucker RC 1,2,3, Supreme IV, Turret, Summit, REBEL & Pro Chucker 5,7 RS5, JR and PRO2000


Extra storage right next to the press is always a welcome addition and really helps with organization, comfort and economy of motion, this system provides 2 bins at press level to help you out. 

The base plate also includes die storage for (3) 7\8ths dies OR  (3) 1-3/16" hole version for folks that use the Hornady "Lock n load" bushing system.   (Both only usable if your press is mounted on an Ultramount to provide the clearance underneath.) 

Kit includes 2 bins. 

The sidebin system is designed for versatility and can be installed on presses mounted directly to your bench-top or installed on any InLine Fabrication Ultramount press riser dedicated or quick change. (Full height, JR or Micro.) This version fits:

RCBS Rockchucker supreme IV


RCBS Rockchucker 1,2,3

RCBS Summit

RCBS Turret (Note: Not compatible if you prime on your press.) 

RCBS Pro Chucker 5,7

RCBS Pro 2000.



This system works perfectly with our Quick change system. (Here)

Also available for the Redding T-7 turret. (Here)


 Shown with optional InLine Fab bin barriers (Not included.) They are available individually (Here)





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