6.8 SPC centering insert for the Dillon super swage & RCBS Swage unit


These little guys are lifesavers.
(Actually Brasssavers)
The way the swage tools are designed, it "backs up" the case from the inside as the swage does its work on the primer pocket. However, the rod that holds the case is not able to present the case perfectly for the swage to enter the pocket correctly every single time, which can lead to damaged\scrap cases. These CNC machined Delrin inserts center the cases perfectly for the swage, they center the brass left,right and also set the case to proper elevation for a perfectly centered case every time. Makes a big difference and increases speed and accuracy. No more damaged cases or having to go slow to make sure each one is aligned properly. 
Also works in the RCBS swage unit. 



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