"Skylight" LED lighting kit for the LEE Loadmaster


The Skylight kit for the LEE Loadmaster features a machined bushing with an embedded high output LED pod that drops into the center hole of the toolhead. Additionally, the system also has a 4" 6 LED strip that attaches to the inside of the press frame. Super bright,high output, out of the way, no heat and does the job perfectly. Average lifespan is 75,000 hours. Few things are more comforting than pure, bright white light, to be able to see everything in motion on your shellplate and verify your powder charge without having to strain your eyes or fight the shadows. These systems are one of the best upgrades you can do to increase your enjoyment and comfort while reloading.

The system comes complete with a 110 plug in adapter with 48" long cord, on\off switch, wire routing anchors and zip ties. As with all Inline Fabrication lighting systems, these have our lifetime "no worries" warranty.

(Also available with AA battery pack( 8 AA's) instead of 110 wall plug-in if needed.) (Select that option from the drop down menu above)

For our international clients, these power transformers are 220v capable, we also have AU and EURO adapters available.


Note: You must drill thru the thin aluminum center hole to utilize the Skylight. If you do not wish to do so, the Inline Fab, "Ceiling" 2 LED kit will fix you up nicely.

 (Includes FREE USPS shipping within the US.)


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