Bin Barriers


Extend the capacity of your bins using these laser cut aluminum bin inserts.  Great for storage of reloading components\tools in the bins. Fits all InLine Fabrication bins, factory Hornady bins, LEE precision bins and standard size Dillon precision bins. Also AKRO # 30220 and 30210 (This listing is for the bin barriers only, does NOT include the bins themselves)

Note: Single bin barriers are available with-out the InLine Fabrication logo if you choose. Just select "Bin barrier, No Logo" from the drop down menu above. 



If you are buying ONLY bin barriers this time, please select one of the 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 piece option.  It is important that the order be ONLY for bin barriers though, nothing else, or order might be CANCELED. Those packs are logo'd bin barriers and have shipping cost already included in the pack pricing and will save you money vs ordering them individually. (Their small size and weight trick our automatic order cost tiered shipping program)

Standard bins (Here)

Large bins (Here)



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