InLine Rail wall organizer system. 48" rail.


The InLine rail is a steel wall organizer rail that you can arrange however you see fit. Comes in 16" or 32" and 48" sections(3" tall) . Install it on the wall behind your bench, closets, inside cabinets, etc to keep things tidy and organized. AKRO bins can be placed anywhere on the rail, we have a steel storage box for your aerosol cans/tools/powder, etc. Any of our die racks, shellholder racks, LEE toolhead racks and primer tube racks will fit the InLine rail system. Also available are toolhead docks for Dillon 550 and 650's and their related parts.

Comes with required mounting hardware and screwcaps. 

(Note: 32" & 48" rails to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii will require additional shipping due to oversize box length, we will advise when we are packing up your order)

Just some of the accessories you can use on the rail:

7/8" Die racks (Here)

Hornady 1 3/16" racks for Lock n load bushings (Here) 

Storage box (Here)

Extra large storage box (Here)

AKRO bins (Here)

Dillon toolhead holder 650 (Here)

Dillon toolhead holder 550 (Here)

Powder metering insert rack for Hornady (Here)

Hornady LNL storage center (Here)

Hornady powder measure dock (Here)

Articulating parts tray (Here)

Paper towel holder (Here)

Parts tray (Here)

Large parts tray (Here)

Ipad adjustable dock (Here)

Phone dock  (Here)

Case gauge tray (Here)

and much more....


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