Ultramount for the Dillon 1050


Solid 3\16 steel construction, modular design and coated in beautiful black powdercoat are all features of this high quality piece of reloading equipment.  
Due to the reciprocating linkages being located under the Dillon 1050 press, it has a higher shellplate elevation than most presses, so only 7 1/2" Junior or 4" Micro Ultramounts are recommended for the 1050.   (To simulate the mount before purchase, set your press up on a 4"  and then 7" stack of books to be sure the press isn't going to be too high.)   That way you can somewhat "Roadtest" it for height. 
Attn:  Please select 7 1/2"Junior" or 4" tall "Micro" mount in the drop down list above.  
(Includes FREE priority USPS shipping within the US. 1-3 day express service)


Additional accessories for the Dillon 1050

Swinging storage bin system (Here)
Bin barrier for the large 1050 output bin (Here)
Skylight Shellplate lighting system (Here)


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