Output & empty case bin system for Dillon 450 & 550 B and C


Output & empty case bin system for the Dillon  450 & 550 B and newer C model. The rear bin catches your completed rounds via the custom aluminum discharge ramp and bracket system. The front bin holds your empty cases up close and quick to grab. Output ramp is designed for increased access to the shellplate loading for easy brass insertion.
Use the drop down menu above to select the complete set including two large output bins and bin barriers or choose bracketry only. 



Note 1: Designed to be used with the Inline Fabrication 4",7.5" or 9" tall Ultramount press risers only. Not flush mount. It needs a riser system to provide clearance for the bins.    I t does not work with the factory Dillon Precision Strong mount.
Note 2: Works great with the dedicated Ultramount or the Quick change system.


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