Case ejector system for Redding Big boss & Big boss II


This system ejects your cases for you, allowing you to leave your right hand on the press lever and your left hand dedicated to feeding bullets. It speeds up your single stage reloading significantly. Kit includes: Base plate, Ejection spring assembly, discharge ramp and 2 bins.

The case ejector system is designed for versatility and can be installed directly to your bench-top or installed on any InLine Fabrication Ultramount press riser. The adjustable ejector plate attaches via your rightside press mounting bolts and stays compact to the press.

The base plate also includes die storage for (3) standard 7/8ths dies or dies mounted in the Hornady Lock n load, quick change bushings.

(Only useable if your press is mounted on an Ultramount to provide the clearance underneath.) (Select your desired version from the drop down list above.)  (Note)   if loading large caliber rifle ammo, you might want the large bins instead of the standard ones.  If so, at check-out, just leave an order note to swap the std ones for the large ones.

This system works perfectly with our Quick change system. (Here)


Also available for:

The RCBS Rockchucker single stage. (Here)

The Redding T-7 Turret (Here)


Shown with InLine Fab bin barriers (not included) but available (Here)




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