Case ejector system for the LEE Classic turret. (Reverse rotation)


 Demonstration video below.   This system ejects your cases for you, allowing you to leave your right hand on the press lever and your left hand dedicated to feeding bullets/cases.  It speeds up your reloading significantly.   As the turret rotates, the rod follower indexes with it, until the 4th operation, then the case/bullet is automatically ejected down the ramp and into the bin.  Full kit includes:  Bin plate, reverse rotation rod, rod follower, bin clip, discharge ramp and 2 red bins and bin barriers.

The case ejector system is designed for versatility and can be used with or with-out an InLine Fabrication Ultramount press riser and also works with the InLine Fabrication Quick change system.  (However it does not work with the LEE brand "Bench plate")

If you are using our quick change system, you will also need QC top plate # 6 (Here)

The bin holding plate also includes storage for (3) shell holders. (Only useable if your press is mounted on an Ultramount to provide the clearance underneath for the shellholders.)   Also, this system works perfectly with our Quick change system. (Here)  You will need a # 6 QC top plate.

Note:  I have been asked a couple times if folks can order the system with-out the bins and base bracket, so I have added that as an option. You can select it from the drop down menu above.   

Note 2: This unit is for the LEE Classic turret press.  LEE SKU: 90064       NOT for the LEE Value turret.    Please double check your press to be sure you have the LEE Classic Turret.

Here is a customers video demo.



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