Improved primer catch for the vintage RCBS Rockchucker RC, RC1 & RC2


Finally!  Get rid of the mess and the primers hitting the floor!  

The vintage RC, RC1 and RC2 Rockchuckers are awesome presses, but the primer catch trays never really worked right.   Some of the primers ending up on the floor or scattered around on the bench, not to mention the grit and grime.   This lil guy takes care of that, rides against the ram, catches the primer and crud, routes it down a hose into a wastebasket or bottle.   Comes with 3D printed catch and 2' of discharge hose. Quick, easy installation and works great!

Instructions (Here)

 Note:   If you prime cases on your press, this unit is not for you as it disables that stage due to rotating the press ram to face the rear of the press. 

Designed to work with with our case ejector system. (Here)

 Note:  This version is NOT for the newer Rockchucker Supreme IV   That version is right (Here)  

Pricing includes shipping


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